Thursday, 28 April 2016

Increase conversions on your Ecommerce website

When creating an ECommerce site you have to go that extra mile, simply making a website aesthetically pleasing to your customers. The average customer needs more than just a good looking website, it's the overall experience of being able to use the website with ease is what they’re generally looking for. The ability to use the website fast without any hiccups is essential. At Weeare we’re looking to create that experience for our customers, creating the best experience for your customer from Penarth to Newport.

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Ease of use
Ease of use is the most important factor when creating an e-commerce site if your website isn’t user-friendly customer would lose interest fairly quick. The billing page should be the most user-friendly part of the website, this is where you will gain the customer's trust. If you overcomplicate the billing page the customer will tend to become wary of the site and lose interest in using your site. Another point to consider is with each link that you post, ensure that they link to the correct page. Don’t have links which trick the customer into going into another page, an e-commerce site is all about the customer trusting your services, don’t take advantage of that or it would affect the business in many negative ways.

Your products
When promoting products on your website it’s important that you make them stand out. Capture the customer's attention, entice them into buying that product. There are a few ways you can do that, firstly consider the image that you’re using, make sure that quality is high but also shows the actual product. Another way you can make them stand out is by using the correct fonts on the site, you should consider using a font which is both stylish but also easy to read. Also, make sure the product information is up to date and accurate there's nothing worse than betraying the customers expectations.

Call to action
When creating an e-commerce website it’s important to add call to actions so that the customer will generate a customer base, adding add to cart, buy now, compare prices options will add to the ease of use but it will get the customer to purchase the products.

Make it personal
By designing a website with a personal touch you’re generating that trustworthy factor to your e-commerce website, you should consider adding a page which gives the customer information on the business, perhaps the history or the story of the beginnings of the business. By giving your site a story the customer can read it will help them trust the services/products you are offering. Another way of doing this is creating a page dedicated to your staff members where the customer can read about their interests or hobbies, this will give your site a personal touch in which the customer can relate to. By doing these you’re establishing trust and reliability for your e-commerce site.